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#SariGelin Beautiful Performance at #Baku2015 #EuropeanGames Opening Ceremony in #Azerbaijan - PLEASE SHARE!
#AzeriMusic #Balaban #Baku

Sari Gelin (Azerbaijani: Sarı Gəlin/ساری گلین), (Turkish: Sarı Gelin) is the name for Azerbaijani folk songs. Sari Gelin is written in Bayati genre of Azerbaijani poetry.

The word Gəlin in Azerbaijani and Turkish means someone who comes to the family (i.e. a bride), with its root in the Turkic word Gel (meaning "Come")

"Sari Gelin" in translation from Azerbaijani language means "Yellow Bride". The song narrates about young widow. There was a tradition in Western regions of Azerbaijan -- Nakhchivan and Erivan (Modern Yerevan) Khanates for young widow to wear yellow dresses.

The words "Saçın ucun hörməzlər" -- "One does not braid long hair (to the end)" also proves that, as how women were plaiting up their hear was the reflection if the she is married or widow.
'Sarı as a Turkic adjective means "yellow." Thus Sarı Gəlin can mean "golden", "blonde" or "fair-skinned" bride. In Azerbaijani it may also refer to a person’s soul.

Sari Gelin is usually played on Azerbaijani National Wind instrument Balaban. Balaban (Azerbaijani: Balaban) is cylindrical-bore, double-reed wind instrument about 35 centimetres (14 in) long with seven finger holes and one thumb hole. This instrument is played in eastern Azerbaijan in Iran and in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Balaban can be made of mulberry or other harder woods, such as walnut. The bore through the instrument is about 1.5 centimetres (0.59 in) in diameter. The double reed is made out of a single tube of cane about six cm long and pressed flat at one end. The performer uses air stored in his cheeks to keep playing the balaban while he inhales air into his lungs.

On solemn occasions such as weddings and holiday ceremonies, a balaban-player is accompanied by a percussionist. A traditional Azeri musical group consisting of two balaban-players and a percussionist is called balabanchilar dastasi. In the past, the balaban was an essential musical element in the performance of mugham.

Kamil Jalilov's recording of the song with balaban was included on the Voyager Golden Record, attached to the Voyager spacecraft as representing mugham, only Azerbaijani song included among many cultural achievements of humanity

The European Games is an international multi-sport event contested by athletes from European nations. The Games were envisioned and are to be governed by the European Olympic Committees (EOC), which announced their launch at its 41st General Assembly in Rome, on 8 December 2012. The 2015 European Games, the first edition of the event, took place in Baku, Azerbaijan in June 2015, and further editions are planned every four years thereafter.

The opening ceremony started on 12 June in the Olympic Stadium. Singer Lady Gaga performed "Imagine", a cover from John Lennon at the event. The shapeshifting scene featured the representations of Yanar Dag and the Gobustan rock carvings, in particular.
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